Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Don't be Afraid...

The Freaky first performance art piece by Mr & Mrs Newman. Inspired by Universal Frankenstein, silent movies and the awkward pauses of A Jess Franco film (without the perverted deviancy, this was a family friendly show), Mrs Newman played Dr Frankenstein / the Bride of Frankentein, Mr Newman played the Creature... 

Part of Collaborasaurus a fantastically waywood performance art show at Vivid curated by Alex Billingham. The event was documented by Marcin Sz.
Also featuring performances by: Emily Scarrott & Tom Kilby, Marcud Keating & Friends, David Checkley & Aleksandere Wojtulewicz. We were delighted and challenged to take part.  (And both as stiff as the tin man afterwards) 
Hope it didn’t creep y’all out…

Photographs 1-7 by Marcin Sz, 8-9 by Sana Javid & 10-11 by Vicky Rodin

Sunday, 26 August 2018

The Return of the Fly

The Fly series from 2001 to present has some new editions for 2018.

Look closely, very closely... Mouche in the Park 2018 120 x 200 cm. Part of the English Gothic series.

Da da! Monsiuer Mouche & Sons 2018 120 x 200 cm. 

Brundle Portrait viii (After Gwen Johns) 2018 65 x 100 cm

Brundle Portrait v 2012-18. Regency Fly from 2012 revisited  and a little makeover for 2018

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


A bogey bye bye from the creatures featured in Little Monsters as the curtains come down and the space is returned to proper pristine white. Not a trace, secretion or shadow will be left, but a crack in the wall will open for Monster Club III... We'll be back...

Thank you to all the artists and monster makers; Anita Roye, Kevin Ryan, Shelley Hughes, Josh Bather, David Miller, Sarah Fortes Mayer, Paul Newman, Ian Andrews, Prabhat Basu, Alex Robertson, Emily Sparkes, Jamie Fowkes, & Craig David Parr

Mutated memento's (Little Monsters installation views) in the Monsters Lair

Monday, 31 July 2017

Juicy cuts

A selection of cuts from Little Monsters. See The Monsters Lair for comprehensive installation shots and more individual artists works

Prabhat Basu

David Miller

Rebecca Walker (house)

Shelley Hughes

Anita Roye

Now see monstrous more in The Monsters' Lair, if you dare...

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Its Alive!

No longer creeping up on you..Its alive and open to the unsuspecting public Little Monsters (aka Monster Club II !) Open Freakin' Fridays 1-5 pm and other times by trepidating appointment during July. Showcase gallery, Jubilee centre B5  6ND

Come in and 'ave a cup of T(eeth). Courtesy of Shelley Hughes...


Many more diabolical installation views are in the  Monsters Lair section of this blog.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Scream until you like it!


2 more fiendish terror bites coming soon to Little Monsters  aka Monster Club II!
Featuring Jamie Fowkes Arrggh! left and Craig David Parr (right)