Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Don't be Afraid...

The Freaky first performance art piece by Mr & Mrs Newman. Inspired by Universal Frankenstein, silent movies and the awkward pauses of A Jess Franco film (without the perverted deviancy, this was a family friendly show), Mrs Newman played Dr Frankenstein / the Bride of Frankentein, Mr Newman played the Creature... 

Part of Collaborasaurus a fantastically waywood performance art show at Vivid curated by Alex Billingham. The event was documented by Marcin Sz.
Also featuring performances by: Emily Scarrott & Tom Kilby, Marcud Keating & Friends, David Checkley & Aleksandere Wojtulewicz. We were delighted and challenged to take part.  (And both as stiff as the tin man afterwards) 
Hope it didn’t creep y’all out…

Photographs 1-7 by Marcin Sz, 8-9 by Sana Javid & 10-11 by Vicky Rodin

Sunday, 26 August 2018

The Return of the Fly

The Fly series from 2001 to present has some new editions for 2018.

Look closely, very closely... Mouche in the Park 2018 120 x 200 cm. Part of the English Gothic series.

Da da! Monsiuer Mouche & Sons 2018 120 x 200 cm. 

Brundle Portrait viii (After Gwen Johns) 2018 65 x 100 cm

Brundle Portrait v 2012-18. Regency Fly from 2012 revisited  and a little makeover for 2018