The mirror Man 2011. C-Type print

He, he he he!. Come, come my children of the grave, into the corners of this secular imagination...
These masked and monstrous fiends are conjured  from the gloomy crevasses of idle thoughts. They are also borrowers of the classic cinema and fiction of yore. See the portrait of The Fly! The Mirror Man; a fractured reference to the Man in the Iron Mask? These figures brew a pungent cocktail of genres from painting, performance and photography; multiple characters that also depict a diabolical portrait of one! 

See below Paul Newman's many faces of the monster. Then explore the haunted vaults of his specially selected artists and their devilish cabaret, Birmingham's truly first Monster Club!

From the Secret Garden project 2009. C-Type Print.

Brundle II 2007 70 x 50 cm

Former Engine Driver 2007. 110 x 160 cm

The Socorro Connection 2007 110 x 160 cm

Mr Whippy 2015 30 x 22 cm


Tea 2003. 180 x 250 cm

Wink 2004 170 x 220 cm
Trouble 2006 180 x 240 cm

Brundle III 2007

Brundle IV 2007 150 x 100

Napkin rehearsal 2012

Bathroom 109 2005 C-type print

Brundle vi 2014 30 x 25 cm

                                                                                                          Brundle portrait vii 2016 100 x 80 cm

Things that go bump in the night 2014-18 50 x 70 cm

Study for a Handle III 2015 9x9cm

Seedling (detail) 2015

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